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At our core, we are a dynamic staffing company dedicated to meeting the critical demands for safety and quality assurance across various industries. We serve as a trusted partner for companies seeking reliable personnel to uphold the highest standards of safety and quality in their operations.

What We Do

Indigo Energy Services provides essential support to the energy sector. Our safety and craft inspection services provide this support with professionals who are focused and committed to the success of your project. We execute our scope of work in a way that helps our clients protect people, property, infrastructure, and the environment with a primary focus on safety.

Oil Fields
Pipeline Construction And Maintenance
Solar Energy
Wind Turbines
Drilling and Exploration
Wind Energy

What We Offer

At Indigo Energy Services it is our mission to help improve the energy sector by providing ethical and reliable services while maintaining positive and effective relationships.

Safety Inspectors

Shepherds employees and relationships by administering your company's safety management program

NACE-Certified Coating Inspectors

Surveils, records and reports the quality of your company's coating process.


Oversees and guides project inspection staff to the client's specifications.

AWS-Certified Welding Inspectors

AWS-CWI's will confirm compliance with accepted weldment specifications.

... and many more!

Indigo Compliance

Safety Services

Mobile Safety Training Courses

... and more!